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Gabrielle Carpenter

Gabrielle began her study of the piano at age three. She has always been fascinated by music, even from an early age. Gabrielle has now played piano for ten years, and during that time has been recognized for many musical achievements. Gabrielle enjoys helping her younger sister, Cate, with her piano practice, and often gives her tips and tricks on how to improve her technique. She has been participating in the National Guild audition for six years and counting, and has received high honors each year. She is versed in violin and chess, and plays tennis competitively. Her favorite pastimes are reading and spending time with friends. Gabrielle is also a talented visual artist. Each year she has been asked to feature her art in the Pyramid Art Show. She also brings that creativity into the kitchen, as she enjoys cooking and baking with her mom.

Rohan Iyer

Rohan is a Freshman at Madison High School. He's been with the Academy for 7 years and began learning piano at age 4. He has completed 6 years of Guild auditions, receiving high honors each time. He is an experienced accompanist,  receiving the choir’s Outstanding Accompanist award in 2018. In addition to being devoted to his classical music, he is on the Varsity Tennis Team and the Speech and Debate Team at Madison. He has also been to Quiz Bowl Nationals and loves to code iPhone Apps in his free time. Congrats Rohan! AAMS- (Asian American Musical Society International Competition results): Senior Division: Honorable mention: Rohan Iyer (14 years old)

Leela Iyer

Leela is a 6th grader at Wolftrap Elementary. She has been with the Academy for 7 years, and began learning the piano at age 4. She has completed 6 years of the National Piano Guild with high honors each time. In addition to piano, she is a talented and passionate tennis player. Just 3 years after picking up her first tennis racket, she has done so well in tournaments that she is ranked in the top 30 for the USTA for DC, Maryland, and Virginia for Girls 12 and under. She's also placed the last 3 years with Odyssey of the Mind, and she even went to state in 2018 with her Odyssey team. 

Arthur Wu

Arthur Wu is currently a 4th grader at Westbriar elementary school. He started learning piano with Vienna Academy of Music and Arts in preschool with the academy Piano for Preschoolers class. He graduated from these semi-private classes as an early intermediate student, having already participated in the National Guild Auditions and receiving the distinction of being a 1st prize winner in his category at the Noble Competition. He has participated in numerous festivals and competitions through the MTNA, almost always receiving superior ratings. He is a 5-year national honor roll recipient for the National Piano Guild. In his spare time, Arthur likes reading, math, history, playing basketball, and traveling. 

Anna Hotraphinyo

Anna Hotraphinyo, now 9 years old, started her studies at the academy at age 3. She is currently a 4th grader at Westbriar elementary school and participates in advanced academic studies there. Anna is a studious hard worker and she will be receiving her 5-year National Honor Roll distinction with the National Piano Playing Auditions. She has also participated in MTNA festival, having received top ratings. Anna loves to play classical music, but she also has a special interest in jazz. She keeps active by rock climbing, completing ninja-like challenge courses, and bike riding. She is also a part of  Vienna’s youth volleyball program (the Dill Pickles). She is also studying cello at school this year, and participated in a duet at the Solo and Ensemble Festival. 

Tarita Wettimuny

Tarita Wettimuny is a freshman at Madison High School in Vienna, VA. Tarita loves music and has been playing piano for 10 years. She is a 5-year National winner in the National Guild piano playing auditions. She is also a violinist in the Madison High School Orchestra. Tarita has a black belt in Taekwondo and rows for the Madison Rowing team.

Surin Wettimuny

Surin Wettimuny is a fifth grader at Louise Archer Elementary School. Surin enjoys music and has been playing since age 3 year, starting in the academy’s Piano for Preschoolers Program. He is in the school choir and is a violinist in the school orchestra. He has won first place in the Nobel Piano Competition


Surin loves sports—he plays soccer, tennis, and is on the swim team. He also holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Hanna Xue

Born in Fairfax Virginia, Hanna Xue started playing piano at the age of 6 at the Vienna Academy of Music and Arts (f/k/a Laura Hall Music Academy). She is currently a 6th grader at Churchill Road Elementary School. Hanna is a hardworking student, often noticed for her expressive and communicative performances.


Hanna has been taking the national guild audition every year since she began her piano study,  and she is a 6-year winner now. She has also been actively participating the NVMTA Fall Festival and the Baroque festival every year, and has achieved many superiors.

Matthew Xue

Born in Fairfax Virginia, Matthew Xue started playing piano at age 7 at the Vienna Academy of Music and Arts (f/k/a Laura Hall Music Academy) He is currently a freshman at the Langley high school. He made rapid progress as a student and was quickly recognized for his exceptional ability to learn the most complicated pieces after only 7 years of study.


Matthew has been taking the national guild audition every year since he began his piano study, and he is a 7-year winner now. He is also an active participant in the NVMTA Fall Festival and the Baroque festival, achieving superiors each year of his participation. He was awarded the Bach Baroque Festival recognition for excellent participation multiple years. In 2013 and 2015 Matthew won 1st place at the Noble Piano Competition at the academy.

Nina Bhatt

Nina is the younger of the two Bhatt sisters. She began playing piano at age 6 and has always shown her love for arts and music. She has played in multiple piano recitals, and has also participated various school musicals at Westbriar Elementary School. Nina is creative and very playful, especially with her dog Rocky! In her spare time she can be found drawing, practicing the piano, or creating her very own piano pieces. She is confident, persistent, calm and compassionate.

Ella Lewin

Ella Lewin is a first grader at Waple Mills Elementary school. She is an avid reader and has been reading chapter books since kindergarten. She started her musical studies at the age of 4 with pre-piano group lessons. She began her private piano studies at the Vienna Academy of Music and Arts at age 5, and has made rapid progress. She also has a beautiful singing voice with an impressive range for one so young. She can already play and sing Disney songs and Christmas hymns. She played a leading role in the academy’s play last summer, and often performs for the little ones in VAMA Early Childhood programming.

Warren Hayman

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2007, Warren is a sixth grader at Basis Independent School in Mclean, Virginia. He began his musical studies in 2010 at the Music School of Delaware, starting with their Kindermusik program. By Kindergarten, he began his piano studies there, eventually placing into the honors track for piano study.  During his time as a student at the the Music School of Delaware, Warren performed in multiple all-school recitals and quarterly studio recitals. Taking his music skills with him to his academic school, Warren also performed solo pieces on the piano during the Wilmington Montessori School production of “May the Talent Be With You.” Since moving to Vienna, Virginia at the start of fifth grade, Warren has studied piano at the Vienna Academy of Music and Arts. He has made rapid progress and is now playing advanced music.


He has successfully participated in NVMTA festivals, performed a national guild program in the 2018 audition, played at academy recitals. Nearing the completion of his second year at Basis Independent McLean, Warren has been on the distinguished Honor Roll for all grading periods in his two years there.

Leela Dzenitis

Leela is a 5th grader at Westbriar Elementary. She has been with the Academy for 4 years and began learning the piano at age 5. She has completed 4 years of the National Piano Guild. Leela has also played viola with the school and has recently started learning to play the clarinet. Leela has played soccer for 5 years and enjoys sewing, horseback riding, reading and traveling in her spare time. Leela is a girl scout
who has a passion for helping others in her community. Most recently Leela held a fundraiser at her home to raise money for the local animal shelter.

Nancy Li

Bio coming soon!