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Learn about our pre-school music programs here.

Call us at 703 955 1968 

Email us at info@viennaacademyofmusicandarts.com

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I am so grateful for the flexibility and support of our piano faculty during this pandemic. I would like to give special thanks to Ge (Gianne) Zhu [JMU], Jamaal Davis, and Nabil Pettit.

Maxine Hall DHaiti, CEO

Our VAMA ambassadors will be inspiring us through virtual platforms (in the short term), moving to in-person performances when it becomes appropriate and safe. We are seeking creative and flexible solutions as we maintain our performance schedule. We are still looking forward to seeing our VAMA ambassadors inspire us from the stage of Carnegie Hall next April! To learn about our Carnegie Hall Debut or find out how to participate in our Ambassadors Program, send us an email! (info@viennaacademyofmusicandarts.com).

Online Music Lesson Option

We have returned to in-person instruction, however we offer online lessons for those who are not yet comfortable coming into our academy for their instruction.

We are committed to the safety of our student body, and will continue to monitor health data. All of our instructors are vaccinated, and unless otherwise advised by the CDC, we will continue to let each family decide which method of instruction works best for them based on their needs and comfort levels.