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Client Reviews 

"My daughter has only been at the academy with Ms. Maxine for the past 5 months - and we are so impressed with how our daughter (5 years old at the time) is picking up the fundamentals of the piano. My daughter whose usually quite reserved immediately took to Ms. Maxine and has learned and continuing to learn so much. We are so happy to have found this academy and excited to see how our daughter continues to progress and appreciate the piano."

— Tina Chan via Google

"Ms. Maxine is passionate about music and the love of teaching piano to my daughter who started studying piano with Ms. Maxine in elementary school. She is a 9th grader now. Ms. Maxine's love for music is evident in her enthusiastic and soft demurred teaching techniques. She is extremely patient with my daughter. My daughter has had other piano teacher before studying with Ms. Maxine. She encourages my daughter and coaxes her to master her pieces without ever raising her voice. In my opinion, Ms. Maxine is one of the best piano teachers and she is worth every penny she charges and I certainly believe I have received excellent service from her piano instruction."

— Jeanie Chai via Google

"It has been a joy being a Vienna Academy student for the past nine years. Ms. Maxine always goes above and beyond to help me realize and grow into my best self, musically and otherwise. Learning piano with her has given me invaluable skills that I will be forever grateful for: confidence, attention to detail, happiness, and so much more. Thank you so much VAMA!"

— Gabrielle Carpenter via Google

"My daughter had a wonderful experience with Ms. Maxine, who is a delight. She started in elementary school and continued until she graduated high school last year. Ms. Maxine offered a variety of music as my daughter’s tastes changed and when she wanted to explore different genres. Today, as a college freshman, my daughter still enjoys playing piano (in her dorm) which is a testament to the many years under such an amazing teacher."

— C. Robinson via Google

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